Supreme Court grants Wheaton College emergency relief in contraceptive case

On July 3, 2014, the Supreme Court granted Wheaton College temporary relief from fines that would have been imposed by the Affordable Care’s Public Health Service Act (PHS Act) concerning abortifacient contraceptives. Wheaton College proposed a change to the definition of an organization that is eligible to request for itself an exemption from providing the […]

New technology promises learning opportunities

For second year Wheaton graduate student Isaac Chiles, what began as an excitement for learning has evolved into the creation of something he hopes will fill a gap for students’ needs and interests. Chiles has launched eduSwipe, an application designed to provide information and research material as reliable as a textbook, but as readable and […]

Q&A: Students reflect on summer ministry experiences

This past summer, many Wheaton students traveled around the globe with Wheaton’s summer ministry partners to share the Gospel. Last semester, we met with participating students before they left to hear about what they were planning to do.

GO Guides lead Chicago community service day

For the first time, each of the four graduating classes at Wheaton were given the opportunity to partake in Orientation Committee’s annual community service day in downtown Chicago. For the fourth year, freshmen divide into groups led by sophomore leaders, who serve as guides for the day in Chicago.  These “GO Guides” attended many meetings […]