Hastert Center reveals first logo

The Hastert Center, which brings in business and political leaders to engage on various issues, is undergoing several changes this fall. New to the Center is a logo, which will be revealed to a select group of student leaders on Monday, Sept. 29 at a special ceremony. At the ceremony and dinner, the Hastert Center’sContinue reading “Hastert Center reveals first logo”

Shaping and serving: A Q-and-A with a Wheaton College architect

In the heart of Chase Service Center, down a series of hallways and past stacks of large file cabinets, sits a man in his office. If you were to pass Bruce Koenigsberg while walking around campus, you might not be able to pick him out of the crowd like you would the president, a favorite professor or even a successful coach. While he may be quiet and soft-spoken, Koenigsberg fills an important role as one of Wheaton’s college architects and the director of the Facility Development Department. With a distinct attitude of humility, Koenigsberg has spent the last 30 years serving the Wheaton College community, playing a vital role in shaping campus into what it looks like today.

Irving Street townhouses to be completed in October

The construction of new townhouses on Irving and Harrison is a “momentous occasion,” according to  Residence Life associate dean Justin Heth. Heth, whose vision for student community has been an integral part in the new housing project, explained that “this has been the first time in forty years that the college has intentionally built housingContinue reading “Irving Street townhouses to be completed in October”

Connections among the Wheaton Family grow stronger through revamped WiN

On Sept. 25, the launch of WiN 3.0 signaled further developments for the program. WiN 2.0 expanded this year to give recent alumni a place in the program to mentor and help students prepare for life after Wheaton. Wheaton in Network hopes to be a tool to increase the bond between alumni and students. WheatonContinue reading “Connections among the Wheaton Family grow stronger through revamped WiN”

Wheaton freshman participates in distinguished fellowship

Wheaton freshman Sean Lyon did not anticipate the implications of the paper he wrote on the food shortage in Mali as a senior in high school. For Lyon, what began as a straightforward assignment led to a unique learning opportunity over this past summer. Lyon’s research on the paper led him to attend the WorldContinue reading “Wheaton freshman participates in distinguished fellowship”

Wheaton introduces new Congress-mandated sexual assault training

According to associate dean of student care Allison Ash, roughly one in five women experience rape or attempted rape on college campuses in the United States. The statistics are not limited to women, as men are also victims of sexual violence and harassment on college campuses.  Those who witness crimes are prone to the “bystanderContinue reading “Wheaton introduces new Congress-mandated sexual assault training”

Former US ambassador lectures on Middle East

In the small but packed Kresge Room in Edman Chapel on Thursday, Sept. 11, the former United States Ambassador Ryan Crocker gave an address on foreign affairs to the students and faculty of Wheaton College. Having spent seven years in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan after the tragic events of 9/11, the former ambassador spoke withContinue reading “Former US ambassador lectures on Middle East”

$1,000 xPRIZE to unite students and alumni

The Phelps room was filled with 250 students chatting and waiting for the revealing of the $1,000 xPRIZE challenges on Monday, Sept. 15. The newly formed Student Alumni Board and xPRIZE were launched that night, and SAB offered students free ice cream, popcorn, lemonade and water to celebrate its first event. “xPRIZE is an eventContinue reading “$1,000 xPRIZE to unite students and alumni”

Ita Fischer leaves memorabilia but no answers

The day before the College announced that Ita Fischer was leaving her position as the director of the Career Development Center at Wheaton, Fischer informed her friend Rodney Sisco, director of the Office of Multicultural Development, of the news. She gave him three action figures as a parting gift. Eleven days after July 11, whenContinue reading “Ita Fischer leaves memorabilia but no answers”