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Annual Square Dance an icebreaker

College Union hosted the annual Square Dance on Fri., Aug. 29 in the Edman Chapel Plaza. Heat lightning lit up the sky until rain fell an hour and a half into the dance, causing the dance to move inside the Student Recreation Center. The dance was extended an hour to compensate for the time spent moving equipment from Edman Chapel to the SRC.
The Square Dance was open to all students, although mostly underclassmen attended the event.
Dick Crouse, the caller, sang and spoke directions to the crowd to the tune of instrumental country music with an occasional contemporary country song. For at least the eighth year at Wheaton, Crouse taught the attendees how to do the vine, allemande, do-si-do, star promenade, weave the ring and create a grand square.
Hay bales and chains of bandanas decorated the area where students line danced and square danced outside. Christmas lights bedecked part of the plaza, and dancers could visit a photo booth by Pierce Chapel with an American flag as a backdrop. College Union provided free water bottles for the students to drink.
A brief rain shower interrupted the square dance and caused many students to leave. Those remaining went to the Student Recreation Center and milled about with friends until the dance resumed.
Bare feet and cowboy boots stepped and scooted on the ground. Female students wore jeans, shorts, skirts, and dresses while a few males sported cowboy hats. Plaid and checkered button downs colored the crowd.
Susannah Sullivan, Public Relations director for College Union, said, “This is a good, fun dance because it’s at the beginning of the year. A lot of people don’t have that much school work. I think it’s really popular because it’s outside and it’s not cold yet.”
Prior to the event, Sullivan said, “I hope that it’s a fun night that friends get to hang out with one another and to meet new people. I hope that people will go out of their comfort zone and dance with a new partner, too. I expect it to be a night of fun dancing that we’re not used to.”
Sullivan’s hopes were fulfilled in that students danced with friends and strangers alike.
Freshman Sienna Crosby also affirmed Sullivan’s hopes by saying, “I thought the square dance was super fun. It was fun to get to meet new people and get do something I’d never done before.”

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