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Every week, the Wheaton Record staff puts in hours of hard work to produce the best possible paper. Features takes you behind the scenes of this process, detailing a week at the Record, as well as introducing you to the staff.

Every week, the Wheaton Record staff puts in hours of hard work to produce the best possible paper. Features takes you behind the scenes of this process, detailing a week at the Record, as well as introducing you to the staff.

Sunday evening — Articles for the week are due. The editors either write themselves or find a student writer. Editors email articles to the associate editor. They are relayed to copy editors to be proofread and fact-checked.

Monday 3:15 — Record staff meeting. Last week’s issue is discussed and critiqued. Section editors discuss what they have planned for Friday’s issue.

Monday evening — Voices and InterSection editors arrive to design their sections, working with the design editor.

Tuesday evening — News and features editors design their own sections, working with the design editor.

Wednesday evening — Sports is the last to be designed. The other editors check in over the evening to make sure nothing in their section needs to be changed. Copy-editors are still working hard to double-check facts. Ads are placed into the paper. The design dditor, associate editor and editor-in-chief continue to edit, re-work and design late into the night and possibly early morning hours.

Thursday morning — The finished document is sent to the printers. Content for next week’s issue is due in the evening.

Friday — The printed Record arrives. The Record staff takes turns distributing copies around campus and begins work on articles due Sunday night. The process begins again.

We wanted to introduce you to the Wheaton Record staff, so we asked for their names, grades and majors as well as why they wanted to write for the Record and one interesting fact about each of them.

Editor in chief Abigail Reese, senior business/economics and Spanish major

  • I wanted to join the Record because I am such a learner. I love reading, meeting new people and listening to stories. So when I found out a lot of my friends were writing for the Record, I thought I’d give it a shot. I wrote one article on the Gospel Choir’s Singing Competition and was hooked! Since then, doing journalism work has allowed me to constantly be growing and cherish the Wheaton experience through the written word.
  • I appreciate alliterations, artichoke pizza, and adventures at art institutes.

Assistant editor Kirkland An, sophomore, economics and journalism certificate

  • I wanted to joint the Record for the free food on Wednesday (nights).
  • I used to want to be a professional ice skater.

Intersection editor James Alan Connelly, junior, English writing

  • I could never get a job at the library, so this was the closest I could get to working with paper and ink and people who wear glasses.
  • I love Star Wars, but I hate the Jedi. I’m more of a Galactic Empire kind of guy.

Digital media editor Nicole Spewak, senior, Communications media studies major, international relations minor, journalism certificate

  • I came to Wheaton interested in pursuing journalism. Working for the Record was a natural first step, and one I am glad I took.
  • I love bass. One of my prized possessions is a cobalt-blue electric bass guitar. His name is Frederick.

Photo editor, Allison Freet, senior, mathematics and secondary education

  • I love photography! Working for the Record gives me an opportunity to tell a story with my photos and be connected with a team of photographers who have a similar passion.
  • I once won a writing contest in which I received $500. But, instead of writing a check, the company sent me fifty $10 gift cards. Talk about annoying!

Assistant photo editor, Laura Clark, sophomore, Biblical and theological studies; minor in history

  • I wanted to work for the Record because I sincerely love photography.
  • In grade school, I told people that I was allergic to peanuts because I thought it would make me seem more interesting.

News editor, Katelyn “Skye” Bennett, sophomore, sociology and journalism

  • I love Jesus and people and enjoy writing.
  • In my spare time, I study the language Kinyarwanda, which is spoken in Central and Eastern Africa. My favorite color is purple.

Assistant news editor, Hannah Wartnik, junior, English writing major, Christian education minor

  • The written word is a powerful medium for the expression of wisdom and the cultivation of community. Also, I love any opportunity to form connections with people.
  • I compulsively memorize my friends’ Los Burritos orders.

Advertising manager Dan Mitchell, senior, nusiness and economics

  • I have always enjoyed reading the Record. I saw an opportunity to contribute while at the same time gaining valuable experience in business management and advertising.
  • I have been to 19 countries.

Sports Editor Sam Smith, Senior, Communication

  • I love sports and I am an aspiring journalist.
  • I am a chart-topping recording artist with a strong number of hits over the past year.

Assistant sports editor Caleb Cockrum, junior, English literature

  • I wanted to gain experience in working in news publication, as well as wanting to bring more publicity to lower attendance sports.
  • I relentlessly pursue the perfect cup of coffee.

Managing editor Kyle Rozendaal, senior, Communication and journalism

  • I wanted to work at the Record because it’s an awesome opportunity to work with great people and work on my journalism skills in a fun and (usually) stress free atmosphere.
  • In high school, I played the Keytar, trombone and sang in a Ska/Punk band called Lazersaurus Rex.

Features editor Katherine Braden, junior, English writing, community art

  • I don’t actually want to write for the Record every week. They just blackmail me. If you’re reading this — Help!
  • If I’m at the library trying to find a book to read, I judge the book based on its first paragraph. If the first paragraph doesn’t catch my interest, I don’t read the book.

Assistant features editor Amanda M. Morris, senior, Communication (media studies), journalism certificate

  • Working for the Record has given me the opportunity to strengthen my journalism skills, work with a talented staff, and meet students, faculty, staff and alumni whose actions truly highlight Wheaton’s motto, “For Christ and His Kingdom.”
  • The only section of the Record that I have yet to write for is Sports. While it’s intimidating, I know that I must change that before I graduate.

Voices editor Sarah Kenny, junior, English writing

  • I love stories in all forms and especially the process of presenting them.
  • Despite being Italian, I despised olives, garlic and mushrooms until last year. Now I like to find excuses to put them in everything I can.
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