Hastert Center reveals first logo

The Hastert Center, which brings in business and political leaders to engage on various issues, is undergoing several changes this fall. New to the Center is a logo, which will be revealed to a select group of student leaders on Monday, Sept. 29 at a special ceremony.
At the ceremony and dinner, the Hastert Center’s first logo will make its first official appearance. This logo, representing the Center’s “tri-fold mission of faith, politics, and economics” will go on the Center’s website, brochures, letters and any other materials that include the Hastert Center’s title. The logo is based on junior Eric Friend’s concept.
“At 5 p.m. a few persons including former Speaker Hastert and myself will make remarks, the logo will be unveiled and at 7 p.m. Dr. Kenneth G. Elzinga from the University of Virginia will present his remarks,” director of the Hastert Center David Iglesias said. Elzinga’s talk is titled, “The mystery of the invisible hand,” referring to market forces, and is open to all students, staff and faculty.
Iglesias’ advisory board recommended certain student leaders to attend the logo revealing based on their “pre-disposition to the mission of the Hastert Center.” Iglesias said that these students can spread the word after the event, since limited space is available at the Harbor House where it will be hosted.
Another significant change occurred when Iglesias stepped into his role as the new director this fall. Iglesias’s vision for the Center is to “redeem political economy.” He expounded on that vision in a personal interview, saying, “By (redeeming political economy), I mean to equip and educate students to go out into the business and political worlds with a profoundly and pervasive Christian worldview.”
Iglesias added, “I’ve focused it on the three pillars of the Hastert Center and made it more student-centric.”
Out of the Hastert Center’s 12 missions, Iglesias’s top three include “the successful execution of Iron Sharpens Iron, the overseas student program; public symposia on economic, public policy and government issues; and the Hastert intern and scholar program.”
Iglesias’s first symposium will be held on Nov. 12, 2015, and will be on immigration reform. “I want to make sure students understand the economic impact of all legislation,” Iglesias said in an email.

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