Fans flock to Josh Garrels concert

At 3:40 p.m., three Wheaton students staked out their spot in line for the 7:30 concert. An hour later, a man joined them after driving six hours from Ohio to see Josh Garrels in the Edman Chapel auditorium last Saturday. Several others from outside Wheaton formed a small line within the barricades. Wheaton students brought their friends food and blankets while the Garrels fans waited in line for hours.

What you should know about Ebola

Originating over seven months ago, the largest recorded Ebola outbreak continues to spread, causing worldwide alarm. Ebola virus disease, also known as EVD, is rightly feared as a contagious disease with an unusually high mortality rate. There have been more than 4,900 deaths caused by Ebola since March 25 in this most recent outbreak, and the World Health Organization has determined the mortality rate to be around 50 percent.

Office of Multicultural Development “Ignite” session fosters cultural engagement

On Oct. 28, the Office of Multicultural Development hosted its monthly “Ignite” session focusing on the topic of “Effective Cross Cultural Engagement.”  Representatives from OMD, together with students and faculty, packed the Phelps Room to hear a panel discussion regarding race, culture and effective engagement at Wheaton and beyond.

Counseling Center’s waitlist eliminated

Wheaton College is focused on the care and wellbeing of its students through the use of several programs, clubs and amenities. In particular, the Counseling Center is available to serve students who are uncertain, distressed or hurting emotionally. With students’ well-being in mind, the Counseling Center will be undergoing several changes. One of these changesContinue reading “Counseling Center’s waitlist eliminated”

Adams exhibits many art forms in just one measurement

On the first floor of Adams Hall, exhibits leap from the walls of the Wolford Gallery to greet passerby. Paintings with vibrant colors, as well as black on white, photographs and sculptures are a few of the art forms that fill the gallery. Although they vary in medium, style, genre and a breadth of otherContinue reading “Adams exhibits many art forms in just one measurement”

Power outage shocks Wheaton campus — and a squirrel

Around 5 p.m. last Tuesday, a squirrel climbed into the college’s junction box, causing a massive power outage. All main campus buildings, including Buswell library, Beamer Center, Blanchard Hall, and the Billy Graham Center went dark, as electricians searched around campus to locate the source of the outage. The power outage also shut down campusContinue reading “Power outage shocks Wheaton campus — and a squirrel”

Andy Crouch delivers lecture on creative power

Eyebrows furrowed and eyes downcast, Andy Crouch apologized profusely to a room full of sociology and anthropology majors and faculty for going five minutes over his time limit in chapel before their meeting. “I’m going to be beating myself up for it for an hour and half tonight,” he groaned, explaining that he expected mostContinue reading “Andy Crouch delivers lecture on creative power”