Adventures in school politics

For several years, Wheaton has been in the process of reforming our general education curriculum. Since May, I have joined a group of faculty and administrators in the most recent leg of the race: the General Education Summit. Throughout this experience, the enthusiasm with which my own perspective has been received has encouraged me, and I leave each meeting praising God for the care our professors and leaders have for us, the student body.

Student Alumni Board meets to reform xPrize Challenge

Within four days of the student alumni board announcing the xPrize challenges, freshman Mercer Schuchardt had photographed himself with 500 different students of the freshman class.  Other teams in the advanced stages of the challenge were notified to stop competing on Saturday, as senior Grant Duncan, a chairperson on the student alumni board, began the […]

Children’s Performance features ‘Peter and the Wolf’ Score

Instead of college students filling the seats of Edmond chapel, younger versions—children in pigtails and overalls—sat on the edge of their seats and watched the Wheaton Symphony Orchestra and Zoey’s feet perform Peter and the Wolf last Thursday and Friday October 2nd and 3rd. This production marked the Symphony Orchestra’s first performance of the 2014-15 […]

Discovery Initiative: forming a human connection

“To me, it’s more about the human connection, than the money,” junior Jon Thornton said about his job with the Wheaton College Alumni Discovery Initiative, a program which started in 2011 by the Advancement and Alumni Relations Initiative. The program has been put on hold to consider the data it gathered and decide whether to […]

Inspired to create again

As the black curtain rose in Chicago’s Harris Theater, I searched the audience of 1,500 people for my friends from Wheaton. Singing “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers on stage with Sharon Irving and 25 other musicians who attended the Story conference last Thursday and Friday, Oct. 2 and 3, inspired me.

Global learning programs affected by Middle East unrest

The kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers this past June sparked a conflict which escalated to the point where the Global and Experiential Learning  felt they could no longer guarantee the security of the students working at an excavation in Israel. The Wheaton center for Global and Experiential Learning has had to closely monitor the situation […]