Haydn’s “Creation” concludes Wheaton's Creation Week

At 7:15 p.m. on Saturday, the air in Edman Chapel was electric as students, alumni and visitors waited for Wheaton College’s Women’s Chorale, Men’s Glee Club, Concert Choir, Symphony Orchestra and other acclaimed guests to take the stage and perform Haydn’s “Creation.” The musical event was the capstone of Creation Week on Wheaton’s campus.

SASS is back

College Union is bringing SASS back today in Lower Beamer. For those unfamiliar with the event, in previous years CU has put on Student Art Student Sound, a creative, fun and diverse exhibit of Wheaton students’ original art. Last spring’s SASS exhibit featured a diversity of mediums, including photography, pointillism, ceramics, music and other creations. Breakdancing occupied the majority of last year’s event.

ISIS’ new currency: doomed but powerful

On Nov. 13, the militant, jihadist group ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, announced its plans to mint its own currency. The metal coins, to be dispersed in gold, silver and copper, will be worth their material value in their weight. The design of the coins includes Islamic slogans written across the front and images associated with ISIS’s goals.

From star to servant: How Cannon Allen found his new role

Cannon Allen was bred to be a star athlete. His parents were college athletes. His sisters are college athletes. His grandfather ran track at Indiana. “It was kind of the culture of the Allen household,” Cannon says. “That’s what I was going to be, and I was very successful in everything I did.” The sportContinue reading “From star to servant: How Cannon Allen found his new role”

Wheaton Shark Tank: a testing ground for great ideas

On Nov. 13, students flocked to Coray Gym to watch as some of Wheaton’s best and brightest were thrown to the sharks. However, Wheaton’s Shark Tank event was no macabre evening. Structured after the popular ABC television program, the event allowed 13 groups of students to present business ideas that they had engineered to a packed audience and a panel of “sharks.” Up for grabs were two $1000 awards, five coveted slots in next spring’s Shark Tank event and the inevitable bragging rights.

Wheaton ROTC program faces charges of unconstitutional behavior

The Wheaton ROTC program faces investigation by the United States Army due to the request that an applicant for a position in their military science department be “of Christian faith.” On Nov. 10, the Army responded with the news that they have begun a “holistic review” of Army ROTC programs.