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Drinks on us!

Now that Wheaton has experienced its second snowfall, it’s time to map out your hot beverage strategy to keep your fingers warm and insides toasty during the winter months. The Record staff made an outline of the best places to get warm drinks and sweet treats on campus.

  • On Blanchard’s first floor, the philosophy department has the biggest cups, a wide variety of tea, instant coffee and also a good selection of hard candy.
  • On the second floor of Blanchard, the history department has coffee, the best hot chocolate, mints and sometimes pastries. We recommend going on Mondays: That’s when they have free chocolate.
  • The English department on the third floor of Blanchard has the least amount of tea selection; however, they do have the most expensive teas. Hint: If you go after a reception or a panel, they’ll usually have treats left over.
  • On BGC’s second floor and also the BGC mezzanine, there are Keurigs and coffee machines. The basement of the BGC has several vending machines.
  • Ken Chase’s office on the second floor of the BGC has a Keurig and K-cups that he offers free to students. Just pretend you’re contemplating a communications major for a few minutes.
  • Home to many departments, the Meyer Science Center, has multiple places to grab a drink on the go or to stay and chat with professors and students. The physics department has a weekly tea and cookie time at 10:30 a.m. on Thursdays. Assistant professor of physics Heather Whitney has a Keurig and electric tea kettle open to students who drop by. The chemistry department also has a coffee and tea selection.
  • The MSC politcs and international relations department has a good drink selection with a wide variety of interesting teas and flavors.
  • The OMD always has food or, as Eva calls it, “munchies.”
  • If you’re at the library and don’t have 75 cents for Keurig cups, the Writing Center offers tea, hot chocolate and candy — Starbursts anyone? There’s also a hot water heater by the Keurig if you happen to have your own cup and tea bag.
  • The art department on the second floor of Adams always has tea and sometimes donuts, cookies and Blackberry Market

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