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Homework havens: Wheaton students’ favorite study locales

 Sometimes you just need to escape the hectic whirlwind of school and people. Lucky for you, a plethora of quiet get-aways are at your finger-tips. Below, Wheaton students share their favorite places both on and off campus to study, relax or simply hear themselves think.

“The library study rooms (my favorite one is 130) because they’re quiet, but technically you can make noise if you want to. You can study alone, or even better with study groups! There are windows that look out onto campus and get a bit of natural lighting, and if you need reference books they are just a few steps away. Just make sure you reserve the room!” — Cyanea Poon, Junior

“I love studying at Serene Teaz. Sarine, the shop’s owner, has been letting me sample teas since I was a freshman, and I have found some awesome “study juices” during my time there. It’s quiet, cheerful and so cozy during the fall and winter months. Plus, it’s just far enough from campus that you feel like it’s a mini getaway.”
— Anna Morris, Junior

“The fourth floor of the west wing in Blanchard Hall. It’s a quiet hallway and no one ever walks through there. Also, at the end of the halls in the science building there are little study pods with benches and whiteboards.”
— Kyle Rozendaal, Senior

“I like the basement of the science center; there’s a little alcove at the end of the hall with couches and rocks and space to either sleep or study or think about life.”
— Angela Owen, Junior

“My favorite spot to study is on the third floor of the BGC. There’s a library there with a lot of large tables to study at. Not a lot of people know about it. Until now!
— Abigail Reese, Senior

“When it’s warm out, I like to hang out on the field by Fischer.”
— Maureen Lynch, Junior

“The fifth floor of the BGC is a beautiful place to study. It’s very open, airy and inviting. The windows look out onto the soccer and football field.”
— Hannah Wartnik, Junior

“I love studying in the Williston Prayer Chapel on the fourth floor of Willie. It has a beautiful view and it’s a peaceful place of prayer.”
— Laura Clark, Sophomore

“I like the OMD. It’s a safe place where I don’t have to pretend, and I can just be.”
— Miracle Toliver, Junior

“I really enjoy the art studio on the top floor of Adams, especially late at night when it’s usually empty and quiet. It’s a huge room with windows all around and it always has a faint smell of charcoal. Also, if you need a study break, you can check out the student art work around the room.”
— Katherine Braden, Junior

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