#WhatisYes Event explains sexual consent and rape culture

Students are familiar with sex scenes in films. They often begin with an impulsive act — a man shoving a woman against the wall in a passionate kiss or two strangers meeting at a bar and ending up in a hotel room. These scenes are sensual, seamless and — with the exception of the film score — often silent. As visiting assistant professor of communication Sarah Kornfield pointed out, there is no talking. On Monday, Nov. 3, the Christian Feminist Club organized an event sponsored by Student Government and Student Development called #WhatIsYes. The event sought to define sexual consent, while explaining rape culture and the impact of a biblical understanding of sexuality on rape culture.

Sports shorts 11/7/14

Wrestling Saturday, Nov. 1, the Thunder opened their wrestling season with a third place finish at the Messiah Invitational. Senior Dan Olsen placed first in the 197 weight class. In the 165 pound class, sophomore Stephen Aiello placed second, with sophomore Jared Fekete placing third to help the Thunder come in at 74.5 points in […]

The shame behind the smile: depression at Wheaton

Behind practiced smiles, daily pleasantries and the “warm Wheaton welcomes,” many Wheaton students are depressed. During the first chapel of the semester, President Philip Ryken shared his struggles with depression, opening up the year with a vulnerability that students and Student Government hope to see continue on campus. The open house on depression this past Monday was an attempt to further aid those in the student body struggling with that prominent mental disorder.

The Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals closes

In the Billy Graham Center on Oct. 30, 2014 the Institute for the Study of American Evangelicals presented its final panel. The public was invited to attend free of charge to hear about ISAE’s history and several panel topics relating to evangelicalism.

A cappella concert rocks Wheaton College

The lights dimmed and the audience waited for something to appear on stage. Instead, a beatboxer sounded over the mic; his location was a mystery. The stage remained unlit and abandoned. An unsettling chant sounded from the rear of Pierce Chapel on Halloween.

General education proposal continues to move forward

Wheaton College has acknowledged the pertinence of general education reform over the past few years. The proposal brought forward at the September faculty meeting was the result of a long process of formulating and reassessing after the reform proposed last spring failed to pass. Student Government has not been silent in the conversation, discussing at […]

Meet Rosa Kader

If you’ve ever eaten at  Bon Appétit on a weekday morning or afternoon, chances are you’ve run into Rosa Kader. Known on a first name basis by many members of the Wheaton College community, Rosa never fails to greet diners with a smile on her face. Visiting with students, staff and faculty Rosa converses in both English and Spanish while also managing to swipe ID cards during breakfast and lunch rush periods.