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SASS is back

College Union is bringing SASS back today in Lower Beamer. For those unfamiliar with the event, in previous years CU has put on Student Art Student Sound, a creative, fun and diverse exhibit of Wheaton students’ original art. Last spring’s SASS exhibit featured a diversity of mediums, including photography, pointillism, ceramics, music and other creations. Breakdancing occupied the majority of last year’s event. This year, food will be provided.
Today, College Union intends to “create the ultimate art experience,” according to sophomore Silas Helm, College Union’s Student Arts Coordinator. Helm shared three key changes made to the SASS format this semester.
According to Helm, the most exciting of these changes is “co-sponsorship with ISOTA, because College Union believes that there’s nothing better than joining up with other creative and talented students.”
Helm provided a sneak peak at what this partnership is making possible: “ISOTA will be in charge of coordinating an interactive area in the Phelps Room where students can participate in a collaborative project and create their own art as well as adding a new dimension to the student art aspect.”
Another important change is moving SASS back to Lower Beamer, which will make the event accessible to as many students as possible. Last spring, the event was held in Coray Alumni Gymnasium, but CU had always hosted it in Lower Beamer up to that point, and they are doing so again this fall.
“We don’t expect students to stay for the whole event, but want them to feel like they can!” Helm said. “Our goal is to have students pass through and enjoy a relaxed environment where they can get away from the repetitive nature of school and enjoy a varied experience.”
Finally, Helm said that  CU is departing from last spring’s SASS model by not specifying a theme. “This semester, there is no specific theme so that students can fully express themselves and share whatever art they’ve created,” he informed.
The student sound end will also be growing significantly. Helm’s partner, junior Peter Terjanian who functions as  CU’s Student Music Coordinator, said, “Live music performances will consist of 30 minute sets each and will include a variety of electronic and acoustic types. You will be hearing from talented students such as junior Anna Ploegman, senior Andrew Sedlacek, sophomore Jake Allen and junior Moriah Gonzalez.”

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