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Smith 2 South brings competition at Oktemberfest

Every fall, Smith-Traber Hall puts on a cross-campus entertainment event in which each dorm floor decorates to a specific theme and create an “adventure” for people to go through. This year, Oktemberfest, which boasts lines extended far into the lobby, is being held on Saturday, Nov. 22 from 8 to 11 p.m.
“It’s really fun. People like to go crazy, like, decorate the hall so it doesn’t even look like a dorm floor anymore,” sophomore Amy Lazar said. “It’s normally pretty popular; people from all over the school come,” she added.
This year’s themes are secret until the floors open tomorrow. Based on last year, they are promising.
Some of last year’s themes included Smith 2 South and 2 East’s “Hunger Games” and 3 South and 3 East’s dark fairy tale. Traber hosted “Mission Impossible,” “Tron,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Indiana Jones” and a Greek-themed floor. Traber Hall 7 does a horror theme with a “different spin” every year.
This Oktemberfest, many Smith floors will be helping their brother floor. Smith 2 South and 3 East will continue to host their own themed floor.
Smith 1 South serves beverages in the lobby each year, and this year will be no different. They will offer hot chocolate and have raffles for prizes. Students can also vote for their favorite floor.
Lazar said her floor, Smith 2 South, would be bringing the competition against Traber. “We definitely tried to go for not-your-typical-Smith theme because people always go to Traber, so we’re definitely in contention this year.”

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