Students finally move into new townhomes

On Jan. 1, the three final Wheaton College townhouses opened their doors to their first residents. After much communication with the city of Wheaton, construction on five new campus houses began during the spring of 2014. Initially intended to be completed at the beginning of the 2014-2015 school year, delays in construction resulted in upperclassmen returning to residence halls for a third year to wait for the completion of their new homes.

Opus, the art of work

This week, Wheaton College students were given the opportunity to actively explore a biblical theology of work by hearing from alumni, professors and prominent speakers who live out this calling in their daily lives. Opus: The Art of Work, an institute of Wheaton College launched a series of sessions with prominent speakers from around the country, dedicated to helping students understand their place in the workforce in regards to faith and vocation.

Boko Haram

“I have friends in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. I no longer have words of consolation for them; I don’t know what to say,” graduate student Reuben Duniya told the Record in an email. Duniya is from Kafanchan, Nigeria, and his experience is singularly important because those friends of his are among those millions dwelling in cities that live in fear of the imminent danger from Boko Haram.

The Space opens, invites creative collaboration

All innovation has its place of origin. Steve Jobs started making computers in his parents’ garage. Kevin Plank launched Under Armour in his grandmother’s basement. For aspiring Wheaton College innovators and entrepreneurs, however, such compromised beginnings are no longer necessary. Jobs had a garage and Plank had a basement. Now, Wheaton College students have The Space.