Wheaton College welcomes new director of Global Learning

Deborah Kim joined the Wheaton College faculty and staff beginning Jan. 12, as director of study abroad for the Center for Global and Experiential Learning. Kim agreed to accept the position halfway through the academic year, filling the position recently left by Annie Nichols.

First public hand dryers appear on campus

Wet paper towels often overflow the small trash bins in the Beamer Center restrooms. The mess led to longer clean ups for custodial staff and could even cause the spread of contagious diseases for users. To mend this, director of facilities management Jim Johnson and his associates selected and installed the first electric hand dryers ever on Wheaton’s campus.

New year, new dance

With vague posters circling the school campus offering suggestions to “dress to impress” and listing the date Jan. 16, 2015, many students wondered what the Countdown Dance was. All questions were answered when students arrived in Coray Alumni Gymnasium for the dance on Friday.

Sounds like 1969 in Barrows

Wheaton College’s Opera Music Theater performed English Baroque composer Henry Purcell’s “Dido and Aeneas” from Jan. 14 to 16 in Barrows Auditorium. Their production included live accompaniment, costumes and authentic Baroque choreography.

Pope Francis fights corruption in Philippines

Pope Francis visited the Philippines for a five-day trip, starting on Jan. 15 and ending on Jan. 19. The Pope was greeted by overjoyed flocks of the third largest Catholic population in the world, despite the often-inclement weather. Catholic believers listened to the Pope speak about social justice and poverty, topics that have often surfaced in his dialogues and homilies.

KJV II: a theatrical testimony of the power of God’s word

The Arena Theater KJV II performance on Jan. 15 was the culmination of a theater classes’ ideas and plenty of commitment from its cast of Wheaton students. These students took the ancient tradition of oral storytelling and melded it with music, acting, dance and technology to speak biblical truth to their audience.

Kylie Marble returns to Wheaton after near-fatal bike accident

Wheaton junior Kylie Marble’s goal for this coming summer is to run, something that she has not been able to do for months. On June 15 Marble was in a bike accident in Forest Grove, Orgeon, which resulted in a hospital visit and stitches that closed up a knee wound. Less than 48 hours later, she returned to the hospital with an aggressive leg infection, what turned out to be a rare flesh-eating bacteria, clostridium perfringens. The infection threatened to end Marble’s life .