Letter from the Editor

To the Wheaton community:
After releasing The Record this week, our staff has been made aware of many concerns regarding the page-one interview with Alexander Lim, charged with illegal video-taping. Many students feel that The Record presented Lim’s account in a way that is insensitive, disrespectful and damaging. Students expressed concerns that by allowing Lim a platform to speak, The Record further marginalized and isolated those affected by his actions.

Student struck by apple while asking about sexual ethics at annual town hall chapel

Wheaton’s annual town hall chapel took a surprising turn Monday morning when senior Philip Fillion took the microphone to ask President Philip Ryken a question about the college’s stance on LGBT issues and sexual ethics. Midway through his question, Fillion was hit on his left shoulder by an apple thrown from the back of the balcony.

Love is in the air — and for sale

The Senior Date Auction followed the Kingdom Prayer Vigil’s final day of prayer based on the theme of hope last week. The irony of the sequence of events was impossible to ignore, with the Senior Date Auction booth squeezed between two enormous red Prayer Vigil posters in Lower Beamer, where one of the strings of paper hearts on the booth read “marry me.” With graduation fast approaching, the auction seemed to be playing the comedic act of helping the 28 seniors up for bid get their “ring by spring.”