Navigating physical disabilities on campus

Community. It’s a word that is discussed and seen around campus, but how exactly is Wheaton working to ensure that all students feel welcomed? For many minority groups on campus, progress is still being made to ensure that all students have equal opportunities. For physically disabled students on campus, much progress can be made toward making the community more accessible.

Reaching across the ecumenical fence

Curious and amused, the students in Blanchard 339 on Jan. 30 regarded assistant professor of art history professor, Matthew Milliner, as he briefly opened the second annual Catholic panel sitting on a wooden baby enclosure he used to represent a volleyball net.

Bon Appétit revamps menu with exciting new changes

Despite consistently ranking among the nation’s top dining halls, Wheaton’s Bon Appétit is making strides to improve food quality. This semester, Bon Appétit added additional supplements to its menu, based on student feedback during the fall semester.

Student Leadership Forum hosts open houses

The idea of opening the student development offices for open houses finally came to fruition on Monday when student leaders visited more unfamiliar settings in an attempt to encourage campus unity.

Closing Opus lecture prepares students for vocations

On Thursday, founder and principal of the Washington Institute for Faith, Vocation and Culture Steve Garber, addressed a room of students as the guest speaker for the final event of the inaugural Opus series, “Work: For Flourishing.” The event, facilitated by Christian Formation and Ministry internship coordinator Dan Haase, challenged students to consider their future in the workplace as an opportunity for the good of many.