Writing to inspire social change

“My primary goal is to help students see how their individual welfare is connected to the welfare of the communities that matter to them, (how) it is in their self interest to work for the benefit of the community and that writing and rhetoric offer powerful means for achieving their individual career goals and for building stronger communities,” Paul Feigenbaum said Thursday.

72 hours of prayer for the global church

The World Christian Fellowship (WCF) kicked off the 72-Hour Kingdom Prayer Vigil on Sunday under the Office of Christian Outreach, starting with internship coordinator Dan Haase’s speech at the opening event and worship led by the Chapel Band in Pierce Chapel.

New app offers emojis with diverse skin tones

A team led by alumnus Toby Meisenheimer and five Wheaton students have been working on creating an application designed to introduce diversity into the daily parts of life. Born out of a Tru-Colour Products creation, TruEmoji.com assembled world-class developers to build a keyboard that could exist on the iPhone alongside current emojis and provide people who aren’t yellow a better-matching emoji.

Students showcase dance moves at Air Jam 2015

Ever since the 1980’s, Wheaton students have gathered together for Air Jam. In its early years, the event consisted solely of lip-syncing. Now it includes music, intricate choreography, intense flips, extravagant costumes and props. Resident halls, student organizations, floors and groups of friends come together to organize and choreograph acts for a fun night. Air […]

Voting info? There’s an app for that

Several years ago, senior Daniel Van Schooten was faced with a problem. It was his first time voting, and as a political science major, he had carefully researched each candidate. When he reached the polls, however, he realized that his research had only covered roughly one third of the races for office. The result of his frustration was the conception of a website and application, ElectionPrep, that would inform voters on election candidates.