Go ahead, have a ball!

President’s Ball is upon us! We’re excited, and here’s why.

President’s Ball is upon us! We’re excited, and here’s why:

With the President’s Ball quickly approaching, the Record caught up with junior Tyler Hansen, the Events Coordinator for College Union, and he shared why President’s Ball this year is going to be one for the record books.

In addition to dancing, Hansen said, there will be “a string quartet, Young Min You on the piano, a Chicago themed raffle, photo booth, gourmet desserts and drinks.”

According to Hansen, one thing that will set this President’s Ball apart from previous balls is the venue. Union Station “is a national landmark and quite possibly one of the most architecturally significant train stations in the world. The opportunity to have such a famous venue for one evening should make anyone excited.”

“I chose Union Station because it is a unique venue that is arguably the most iconic of all Chicago large venues,” said Hansen.

Above all, Hansen is looking forward to just “laughing and letting loose on the dance floor. When else do you have the chance to have a great time in Union Station with all of your friends?”

How did they ask?

There’s always that special way to ask that special someone. Check out how some fellow students surprised their date:

Joseph Burley asked Halle Kershisnik

“I saw the untouched snow that covered the softball field and had the urge to jump the fence and make snow angels that could be seen from saga. This idea inspired me to make the giant sign as a way of asking Halle to Pres. Ball.

I hopped the fence, careful to keep my footprints along the fence line, and lined myself up with the third Saga window from the right. I shuffled my feet in a big arc to make the left side of the heart, making sure that I ended in line with where I had started. From there, I continued to shuffle out and to the right, making sure that the apex of the right side matched that of the left, and finished the giant heart where I had started. I then went out to the left side and jumped into the middle to start the first letter. After I finished one letter I would jump to the next, shuffle it out and so on. It took about 45 minutes in total. I’m just glad I didn’t fall and make an accidental Joe-shaped print.

I asked Halle to meet me in Saga and luckily the very table I wanted was free. As she came in I asked her if she liked the view from our seat. She said “Yes” and then “Oh, yes!” when she saw the field.

We’ve been dating for a while and I didn’t want that to be an excuse for a cop-out way to ask her. That also means that she knew that I was going to ask her, so I wanted to compensate for the lack of surprise with something a little more extravagant.” — Joseph Burley

Sammy Mallow asked Felicity Stombaugh

“I got a custom made fortune cookie while I was visiting relatives in San Francisco that said “Prez Ball?” I asked her to get a Saga meal with me, then I went to Mariano’s and bought yellow roses. I came back to Saga early and sat next to the window so I could place the fortune cookie on the ledge and hide the flowers with my coat. After we had talked awhile, I said, “That’s strange. I wonder why there is a fortune cookie on the ledge? Do you want to see what it says?” And then I picked up the fortune cookie and opened it myself. This was plan B. I was hoping she would open it herself but she didn’t think the cookie was that interesting. I gave her the note. She said yes and I handed her the flowers.” — Sammy Mallow

Kei Takazawa asked Caris Chun

“I made a powerpoint slide that said “Caris Chun, would you go to the President’s Ball with me? If yes please meet me in front of Blanchard at 6 p.m. on Friday.”

I displayed the power point slide on the TV displays of the science building for both Thursday and Friday.

On Friday I dressed in a suit and waited by Blanchard for Caris to come. When she did, I gave her a bouquet of flowers and asked if she would go to President’s Ball with me.” —Kel Takazawa

Video Contest

College Union offered free tickets to two students who asked their dates in the most creative way, caught it on tape, and submitted it to College Union’s Facebook Page.  Features caught up with the winners.

Abby Amstutz asked Brett Haffner

“Along with a friend, Faith Ritchie, I shoveled PB really big onto the football field. When we finished, Faith had Brett Haffner meet her outside, and she led him up to the top of the stadium with his eyes closed while I waited out on the field. Then, when he reached the top, I yelled as loud as I could, “Brett, will you go to Pres Ball with me?” But he was so far away that I hadn’t realized his eyes were still closed, so he responded with, “Can I open my eyes yet?” But then he said yes, of course, after confirming with Faith who was doing the asking, because I was so far away he couldn’t tell! So, despite the communication difficulties, it was a successful asking!”

Wyatt Harms asked Abigail Black

The video starts with Wyatt hanging up a poster saying ‘Pres Ball?’ He then begins dancing while lip-syncing to Walk the Moon’s ‘Shut Up and Dance with Me,’ and invites Abbie to dance with him. The video ends with Wyatt and Abbie doing a rehearsed dance routine while both lip-syncing to the music.

How To Get There

Directions from Ogilvie Transportation Center to Union Station, the location of the 2015 President's Ball. Courtesy Google Maps
Directions from Ogilvie Transportation Center to Union Station, the location of the 2015 President’s Ball. Courtesy Google Maps

Metra trains are running at 4:57, 5:57 and 6:57, with weekend passes costing $7 per person.Coming back, trains leave from Ogilvie at 10:40, 11:40 and the last train at 12:40.

With Union Station a mere three blocks away from Ogilvie Transportation Center, students can either walk or take a short cab ride. For students who choose to drive, parking is available in the garage across from Union Station, located on Jackson Street for $7.

Bus tickets will be available for $7, Feb. 13th in Lower Beamer Center.

A Brief History

Opening in 1925, Chicago’s Union Station spans about nine and a half city blocks in size, with most of its facilities located underground. Union Station is the third busiest rail terminal in the United States, handling around 120,000 passengers on an average weekday.

Chicago Union Station is one of about a dozen Beaux-Arts railroad stations that were among the most complicated architectural programs of the era called the American Renaissance, where traditional architecture was combined with engineering technology, circulation patterning and urban planning. In 2012, Chicago Union Station was designated as one of America’s “Great Places” by the American Planning Association (APA).

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