Diving since 1980

“I’ve been diving on a regular basis of two or three times each week since 1980, when the pool was built. At least 10 dives a week for about 500 dives each year times 35 years since the pool was built. That’s about 17,500 dives,” professor of physics emeritus Joseph Spradley said.

Students celebrate Chinese New Year with traditional song and dance

The Chinese Culture Club, Koinonia and Rice Bowl joined together on Saturday to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The Lunar New Year celebration at Wheaton is an annual tradition that brings students of all backgrounds together for a night of food, fun and cross-cultural exposure.

Student struck by apple while asking about sexual ethics at annual town hall chapel

Wheaton’s annual town hall chapel took a surprising turn Monday morning when senior Philip Fillion took the microphone to ask President Philip Ryken a question about the college’s stance on LGBT issues and sexual ethics. Midway through his question, Fillion was hit on his left shoulder by an apple thrown from the back of the balcony.

Wheaton professors on Copenhagen, extremist terrorism

Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein opened fire in Denmark at a freedom of expression talk and at a bat mitzvah, killing two, a little more than five weeks after the Islamist terrorists stormed Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris.