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Wheaton responds to felony charges against student Alexander Lim

Wheaton College learned on Sunday that the shower of a college owned apartment was suspected to have been secretly videotaped through a camera watch placed in the apartment’s bathroom.
Public Safety responded to a call from a female student on Sunday, who noticed the watch with a video lens on its face while showering.
Residence Life staff members were informed of the suspected recording and began to support individual’s affected by the taping alongside Student Care, vice president of student development Paul Chelsen said.
On Monday, Feb. 23, junior Alexander Lim was taken into custody. Prosecutors allege that Lim placed the camera watch in the bathroom and has been secretly recording since October 2014. Lim was charged with felony unauthorized video recording on Tuesday morning.
Wheaton College released a statement on the Wheaton College Media Center website Tuesday stating that the the DuPage County State’s Attorney Office informed the college of charges against a student for felony unauthorized video recording. The media release said the college would not disclose additional information at the time “out of deference to the ongoing police investigation, and in order to protect the privacy of students affected by this situation.”
Chelsen said that after the college was informed of the official charges, “leaders representing all four college divisions met to discuss how to continue caring for those affected, how to quickly communicate to the campus and with parents of current students, as well as to pray.”
Just before 8 p.m. Tuesday, Chelsen sent an email notifying the campus community that a student was arrested Monday evening and charged on Tuesday.
The college is urging students who need help processing the recent arrest and charges to connect with various campus resources, including the counseling center, the Chaplain’s office, Residence Life and other staff members students have personal connections with.
“It will be important for our campus community to focus on processing our thoughts and feelings in healthy ways and to pray for God’s healing and restoration,” Chelsen said.
President Philip Ryken spoke about the arrest in chapel on Wednesday, Feb. 25. In the context of this event and other happenings on campus this week, Ryken invited the campus to a time of silent prayer.
Ryken asked listeners to pray for “the powerful reviving work of the Holy Spirit at Wheaton College” and for college leaders as they work with students.
“Can we pray together that God will take what was meant for evil and use it for good?” Ryken asked.
Chelsen said about the college response to the situation, “I am grateful for the wisdom and leadership of staff across the college to mobilize so that we can coordinate our collective efforts to offer information, guidance and care.”
Lim’s bail is set at $75,000. If convicted of the Class 4 felony, Lim could face up to three years in jail.

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