Wheaton elects 2015-16 student government

Yesterday, the student body elected eight student lead­ers who each campaigned over the past few weeks to cast their vision for Whea­ton College in the coming year. Junior Joshua Fort and soph­omore Morgan Jacob will be leading the student govern­ment board as president and vice president, winning the popu­lar vote over Emily Willson and Moriah Nacionales-Tafoya.

The man, the myth, the locomotive: C-Train

He’s kind of a legend: Four of Wheaton College’s presi­dents knew who he was before they actually met him. If you’ve never met Clarence Edwards — more commonly known as C-Train — chances are you’ve at least admired his swagger as, with a Wheaton Thunder hat resting jauntily on his head, he makes his rounds on campus.

Professor speaks on the trap of a model minority

Last Thursday, Ricebowl hosted “Asian Americans as the Model Minor­ity,” a talk by assistant professor of an­thropology Christine Folch. Approxi­mately 150 students filled the Blanchard 339 lecture hall to hear her speak about the tensions related to the topic. Folch, a Latin American, began by saying she was honored to be speaking yet recognized herContinue reading “Professor speaks on the trap of a model minority”

“Dirty Wars” documentary prompts debate

Scores of students gathered in Meyer Science Center Mon­day night to view a showing of the documentary-film “Dirty Wars.” The event was hosted by the Middle East Understanding Club, a group on campus dedi­cated to “challenging assump­tions and stereotypes associated with the Middle East,” and in­cluded a response by assistant professor of politics and interna­tionalContinue reading ““Dirty Wars” documentary prompts debate”

Ireland’s only Kuttner violin stolen from professor

On March 5, assistant profes­sor of violin Lee Joiner took a nature walk at Wicklow Gap in southern Dublin, leaving his ex­pensive Kuttner violin in the car. When he returned to his car at 2:45 p.m., Joiner saw that some­one had broken into his rental car’s passenger window and sto­len his violin. His violin was the only Kuttner made in Ireland.