Congressman Paul Ryan speaks at Wheaton College breakfast event

“The Provost has asked me if we could rethink our 8 o’clock class policy seeing the excellent turnout this morning,” President Philip Ryken said on Monday, before praying over the ensuing J. Dennis Hastert Center-hosted breakfast with Congressman Paul Ryan.

Freshmen business wins Wheaton Shark Tank

Last fall, Wheaton College kicked off its second annual Shark Tank competition where 13 teams faced off against each other in order to advance to the final round. On Tuesday, the emerging five final­ists fought to be the lone “shark” left in Whea­ton’s tank and proceed onto another regional round of competition.

Wheaton graduate school creates first mission statement

Although the graduate school was founded in 1937, no over­arching statement for the gradu­ate program had ever existed until now. With a new mission and vision statement, stu­dents can have a clarified sense of what the school stands for.