Clayton Keenon takes new job as teaching pastor

On March 20, the Wheaton College community received an email from the President’s Office saying that yet another transition will be occurring in the Chap­lain’s Office. Clayton Keenon, who has served as ministry asso­ciate for discipleship and gradu­ate chapel for five years, will be leaving Wheaton at the end of the semester to begin his work as teaching pastor at Christ Com­munity Church in St. Charles, Ill.

Tenured NNU theology professor fired, possibly for beliefs

Thomas Oord, a ten­ured theology professor at Northwest Nazarene Uni­versity, learned on March 31 that he was being laid off, as a response to dropping stu­dent enrollment numbers. Now, supporters of Oord claim that the professor was discharged because of his belief in evolution and open theology, and that the school cited plummeting enroll­ment as justification to get rid of the professor who had long been a thorn in the side of the Nazarene church. The incident may have implica­tions for theology professors at other Christian colleges.

Rings, flings, Wheaton dating

Wheaton dating. Those two words can cause trepidation, mockery or a defeated sigh. Fea­tures asked a variety of students and faculty what the dating scene at Wheaton is like, why it’s that way and what they’d like to see change.

New student chapel leaders introduced

On Wednesday, junior Jackson Bargery was announced as the new chapel band leader along with the 2015 student chaplains. The student chaplains for the 2015-2016 school year are Kerryn Ansell, Kylie Marble, Ben Nussbaum and Daniel Y. Kim.