Influential professor Folch transferring to Duke

The William Osborne Society and Student Government hosted an event last Thursday in honor of assistant professor of anthro­pology Christine Folch. Entitled “Folch Unplugged: Authentic Re­flections on Wheaton, the Gos­pel, and the Church,” the event served as a time of reflection, as Folch will be leaving Wheaton to take a position in the anthro­pology department at Duke University in North Carolina.

Faculty unanimously votes to further Christ at the Core

On April 21, the process of nearly five years came to a con­clusion when the final themes for “Christ at the Core” were ap­proved. That date marked the transition from the extensive work of the Summit Committee over the past year to the implementa­tion of the curriculum that will go into effect fall semester ofContinue reading “Faculty unanimously votes to further Christ at the Core”

Court proceedings continue in Alex Lim case

Junior Alexander Lim, charged with felony unauthorized video recording for allegedly placing a camera watch in the bathroom of a female student to secretly record her and her roommates show­ering, has been out of state for medical treatment. He is expected to be back in court on June 12. DuPage county prosecutors al­lege that LimContinue reading “Court proceedings continue in Alex Lim case”

Canon Andrew White promotes peace in the Middle East

The Middle East has de­clared World War III, yet Canon Andrew White en­couraged hope during his visit to Wheaton College. In the subsequent months since ISIS became a household name and further violence erupted from the Israeli-Palestinian con­flict, White has seen horrors and tragedies across the Mid­dle East, shocking him.