Court proceedings continue in Alex Lim case

Junior Alexander Lim, charged with felony unauthorized video recording for allegedly placing a camera watch in the bathroom of a female student to secretly record her and her roommates show­ering, has been out of state for medical treatment. He is expected to be back in court on June 12.
DuPage county prosecutors al­lege that Lim placed the watch in the student’s bathroom and had been secretly recording the wom­en showering since October 2014.
Lim was taken into custody on Feb. 23 and was bailed out of jail by his father, Dr. Gordon Lim, on Feb. 27. His father, a medical pro­fessional, came from Singapore to post bond. By Illinois state law, he posted the required 10 percent of the $75,000 bond — $7,500. Lim’s passport was held by the court as a means of preventing him from leaving the state of Illinois. Originally scheduled for March 23, Lim’s court date was first re­scheduled to March 26 before be­ing pushed back again to April 9. Lim appeared in court on Mar. 23 and asked for a speedy trial due to his family living overseas. Lim’s attorney, Steven Richards, said in March the original continuance was met by mutual agreement.
On Mar. 26, Lim pleaded not guilty to nine counts against him in connection with the videotap­ing. A Class 4 felony, unauthor­ized video recording is punish­able by up to three years in prison.
On April 9, Lim’s bond was modified by Judge Kinsella to al­low him to travel out of state with his mother for medical treatment for sexual addiction in Arizona.

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