Money Matters

For the 2015-2016 school year, the cost of a Wheaton student’s tuition was about $32,950, not including room and board. Most of this money goes to class-related activities such as classrooms, teacher salaries, etc. However, some of it also goes to the athletic department to support Wheaton College varsity athletics. But just how much money does the athletic office need, and where does this money go, exactly?

Racial Profiling in the City of Wheaton?

On Aug. 24, sophomore Leonard Blair, Jr. was about to celebrate his birthday in downtown Wheaton when what should have been a joyful day turned into a heartbreaking one.

While his friends were waiting to surprise him in a restaurant right outside of Wheaton College’s campus, Leonard, a black student, was stopped by a Wheaton police officer.

At the time, Blair’s friends requested that he wait while they finished preparing for his party at a restaurant, and Blair started walking around downtown. As he looked around downtown shops, he saw a police cruiser driving around. After a few minutes, the police cruiser disappeared.

New Year, New Board: How C.U. Upped Their Game

College Union decided to start the year off with a bang. From free shaved-ice to mechanical bull rides, this year’s square dance had something for everyone. Held on the football field as opposed to last year’s event in Coray, the space provided more room for the ever-increasing crowd. College Union exists to “create fun and meaningful community-building activities” while also trying to “bring together a variety of students.”

C’est la Vie #1

This semester, I’m studying in Aix-en-Provence in the south of France. I arrived on Aug. 29, and so far my host mom has welcomed me with open arms and great food. I decided to study abroad because I have wanted to learn French since I was little, and although I took French in high school and college, I was unable to minor in it or go further in my studies of French since I am a double major in English and communication.

Life is short. Have an affair.

On Tuesday Aug. 18, hackers released over 9.7 gigabytes of information about the Ashley Madison website, including the names of its 37 million users. Ashley Madison, a dating online service based in Canada, was launched in 2001. The network services encourage married women and men and anyone in a committed relationship to find other unfaithful partners online in order to “have an affair.” The name of the cheating site was strategically chosen, taking two of the most popular female names to attract males. The hackers known as Impact Team, had already threatened the dating site.

Dr. Noah Toly Recognized as Emerging Public Intellectual

The Redeemer Centre for Christian Scholarship has recognized Noah Toly, associate professor of politics & international relations and director of the Center for Urban Engagement, as an emerging public intellectual. The Emerging Public Intellectual Award (EPI) was established by the Centre for Christian Scholarship at Redeemer University College in Toronto. The EPI award specifically looks at academic minds under the age of 40 whose work demonstrates “Christian conviction, scholarly depth and public impact.” Founded to support and encourage the development of first-rate public intellectuals, the $5,000 award is sponsored by the Acton Institute, Cardus, the Center for Public Justice, Stronger Together and Redeemer University College.

Joe Stevenson

If you frequently walk by the street corner in front of the Billy Graham Center, you have likely seen or met a man named Joe Stevenson handing out pamphlets and talking with students. The Wheaton Record recently had the opportunity to interview Stevenson, a Jehovah’s Witness, to learn more about him and his work.