BGCE YouTube channel to Equip and Inspire Leaders

“Have you ever wondered what authentic evangelism leadership looks like?”
The Billy Graham Center for Evangelism has partnered with Q Place — a local organization that works in churches to mobilize congregations in missions and evangelism — to release “ReKindle,” an online Evangelism Training Series. The YouTube channel, ReKindle, is the first of its kind for the Billy Graham Center.

CCCU schools divide over same-sex marriage

In the past few weeks, two members of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) — Eastern Mennonite University and Goshen College — allowed their faculty and staff to engage in same-sex marriage. Wheaton College is also a member of the CCCU, and President Philip Ryken is on the Board of Directors of the CCCU.
The CCCU had conversations with most of the schools that are members of the council to discuss the two schools that changed their policies, but no formal action has taken place. The two schools remain members of the CCCU.
In response to the CCCU’s inaction, Union University withdrew from the CCCU on Aug. 3, in an apparent protest to the council’s ambivalence about what to do with the two colleges. Union was followed by Oklahoma Wesleyan University on Aug. 31.

Take me to Germany

“Where is Germany? We don’t want to stay in Hungary. We know the economy here. We left Syria for a better place to work and educate our children. We want to join our families in Germany.” Many who are still waiting in a train station in Hungary are saying these things. Many refugees, mainly from Syria, Afghanistan and Kosovo, fear what their fate will look like in the coming days and months as they wander the border of Hungary, as they left their homes because of the civil war in Syria. The European Union has failed to control the daily wave of refugees entering the continent. Their laws require that once an “illegal” person arrives on their soil, this person must be taken to the nearest U.N. office to be identified. But the influx of refugees has brought the system to a halt.

Chaplain Blackmon Interview

The Wheaton Record: We know this has been a big transition, so we were just wondering how you and your family are doing?
Timothy Blackmon: You know, it’s been really remarkably smooth for a huge move, from Europe and leaving family, and leaving my brother behind, leaving my mother behind, leaving the church we love behind — it’s been remarkably smooth. And I think the welcome on this side of the pond has made a huge difference. I think my kids know they’ve been cared for and welcomed warmly.
WR: Are they going to school near here?
TB: Yes, the oldest two are at Wheaton North and the younger two are at Wheaton Grammar.
WR: What place would you consider to be the most “home” to you?

Chapel Seat Shortage

Ninety students began their first week of classes without a designated chapel seat, almost three times the number of seatless students last semester. The seating arrangement — organized alphabetically by state — left students hailing from states toward the end of the alphabet, such as Wisconsin and Wyoming, without seats. Chaplain’s Office coordinator Leslie Weinzettel has worked diligently to process Chapel excuses and assign seats to the remaining students, placing around 60 students in chapel seats over the past week.

Textbook Shortage

This semester the Wheaton College Bookstore has experienced a textbook shortage that has left students without required texts and unable to complete assigned readings.
Textbook manager Chris Bentz’s office is lined with bookshelves housing hundreds of books. Yet despite the textbook shortage at the bookstore, very few of these books can be sold to students because they have been replaced by newer, more relevant texts. “These have been here longer than I have,” Bentz said, pointing out a stack of at least a dozen copies of “World of Spirits.” This increasing collection of retired texts has contributed to the perceived “shortage” of current textbooks in the bookstore.