Money Matters

For the 2015-2016 school year, the cost of a Wheaton student’s tuition was about $32,950, not including room and board. Most of this money goes to class-related activities such as classrooms, teacher salaries, etc. However, some of it also goes to the athletic department to support Wheaton College varsity athletics. But just how much money does the athletic office need, and where does this money go, exactly?

Racial Profiling in the City of Wheaton?

On Aug. 24, sophomore Leonard Blair, Jr. was about to celebrate his birthday in downtown Wheaton when what should have been a joyful day turned into a heartbreaking one.

While his friends were waiting to surprise him in a restaurant right outside of Wheaton College’s campus, Leonard, a black student, was stopped by a Wheaton police officer.

At the time, Blair’s friends requested that he wait while they finished preparing for his party at a restaurant, and Blair started walking around downtown. As he looked around downtown shops, he saw a police cruiser driving around. After a few minutes, the police cruiser disappeared.

New Year, New Board: How C.U. Upped Their Game

College Union decided to start the year off with a bang. From free shaved-ice to mechanical bull rides, this year’s square dance had something for everyone. Held on the football field as opposed to last year’s event in Coray, the space provided more room for the ever-increasing crowd. College Union exists to “create fun and meaningful community-building activities” while also trying to “bring together a variety of students.”

Center for Vocation and Career (CVC)

Thank you to Dee Pierce, interim director, and Cindra Stackhouse Taetzsch, senior director for Vocation and Alumni Engagement for contributing the following information about the Center for Vocation and Career.