Chapel ambassadoor: The story behind the “chapel-door-holder” David Seung

After holding a chapel door open every week since first semester, one student recently stopped appearing in front of Edman Chapel. His mission was a success because the chapel door was finally fixed so there was no need to hold it open anymore. However, there is a lot more to his story than a student bringing attention to a simple maintenance job.

No harm no fowl

“We heard a door slam and then one of them was just screaming,” one student said, recalling the moment one of their chickens revealed their location to a Public Safety officer making routine rounds in Armerding Hall.

Does nude art belong in a Christian education?

Like many Christian colleges and universities, Wheaton College greatly values the discovery and individuality in artistic expression. “The art department encourages students to make art that is culturally relevant, while seeking out beauty and significance, celebrating individual uniqueness, and participating in community,” according to the Wheaton College art department website.

Jewish and Muslim voices chime in on same God question

Do Christians, Muslims and Jews worship the same God? The question has swept Wheaton’s campus and the country, opening a torrents of discussions and debates among Christians. But how do followers of Judaism and Islam see the issue? Are all three faiths pursuing the same entity?

With Praxis comes new opportunities for students

Wheaton College welcomed Praxis Academy through an event hosted by Opus: The Art of Work. Geared towards future entrepreneurs who want to make an impact on the world, the half-day workshop took place Saturday, Jan. 31, and included in-person interviews with Christian entrepreneurs and training on approaching vocation with creativity and agility.