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HNGR students going hungry for a cause

Every evening until Feb. 11, a group of HNGR students and others will be meeting for a time of prayer and lament.
According to senior Johanna Depenthal, many other students will also be participating in a fast with the purpose of “drawing close to God” and promoting “shalom in the campus community.”
A mission statement of the group emphasizes that the time of prayer and fasting is not about media attention, taking sides or pushing one’s body to the limit. Rather it is about establishing unity and recognizing our dependence on God in the week prior to associate professor of political science Larycia Hawkins’ trial.
Several members have highlighted the importance of understanding the spiritual purpose for fasting and that it should be approached communally.
The week leading up to the Hawkins trial will likely continue to be one of contention on both a campus-wide and nationwide level.
However despite its timing, Depenthal stressed that this is not a “movement” and makes no statement about who is “wrong” or “right” regarding the Hawkins’ events.

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