Randy Pfund

Wheaton College’s rich history in education and athletics attracted prospective students to the school for over a hundred years. The only problem with so many historic events surrounding the school is that stories often slip through the hands of those who are supposed to pass them on to the next generation.

The man behind the scene

Josh Garrels and John Mark McMillian were all over my Snapchat and Instagram feed on that Saturday night of Jan. 31. And now that most of the Pres Ball talk is over, Lecrae is all I hear talked about. Of course, I have heard of Lecrae and Josh Garrels — most people have, especially at Wheaton.

The Spitfire Grill sizzles

Wheaton College’s Arena Theater will perform The Spitfire Grill, a musical that depicts the journey of a young woman recently released from prison as she tries to start a new life, for the first time on Thursday.

Wheaton welcomes Year of the Monkey

Coray Alumni Gymnasium burst with students and a handful of faculty, including President Philip Ryken, as they rang in the Year of the Monkey on Saturday, Feb. 13.

Class on race offered with new 'diversity in the US' requirement

Most students, faculty and staff are aware that Wheaton College is implementing general education reform during the next academic year. Most are unaware, however, that this reform includes a number of courses aiming to study issues of race across various disciplines.