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Student-formed bands perform at first Dojo Show

Ivory Mixtape, Julia Primuth and Tapestry are the three acts that performed original tunes on Saturday, Feb. 27.
The event was organized by Tapestry members Noah Lawrence, Rebecca Keating, Josh Movius, Lilli Ferry and Maggie Arnold. At the Dojo Show, Jake Richardson substituted for Arnold.

Several students sing at the Dojo Show. Photo credit courtesy Andrew Graber.

It was mostly Wheaton students in the audience of the off-campus venue. Ivory Mixtape was the band slotted to play first. A mixture of alternative and indie punk, Ivory Mixtape consists of sophomores Jesse Dunn, James Husni and Michael Yep. Dean says his songwriting style is reflective and said, “The goal is to connect with joys or struggles.”
Their songs are not explicitly Christian but the music is orientated toward Christ. “When asked about our music, then the conversation starts and that’s where our ministry is.” Freshman Julia Primuth was next.
She sang a couple of original songs as she played the piano. Students kept filling the basement, so some had to sit on the basement steps.
Freshman Julia Primuth sings and plays piano. Photo credit courtesy Andrew Graber.

Last to play was Tapestry, a band consisting of freshmen who started playing together in hopes of playing at a worship night together. When things did not pan out, they created Tapestry.
On writing songs, Lawrence said, “We have a lot of songs about love, about breakups, about friendships, some about family and they are all very meaningful to us as people, and I think we write in that way because we want to share those meaningful experiences and lessons that we learned with people who will hear our music.” Tapestry will be performing again at the T5 Kegger and at the Graham House in March.
Freshman David Seung commented, “All the acts were prime.”
Josh Movius (right) at the show. Photo credit courtesy Andrew Graber.


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