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Better to give than receive

Over break, the baseball team followed the warm weather south to Arizona, home of deserts, cacti and MLB spring training. While they were there, they took time out of their busy schedule, as they played seven games in the span of a week, to do community service.
They volunteered at Gospel Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in South Tucson, which has been serving Tucson for sixty years and whose purpose is “to introduce every person to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. To provide food, clothing, shelter and counseling for homeless and needy men, women and children.”
The team helped the mission staff move their equipment out of the way in preparation for renovations to the facility, and took some time to speak with the residents of the mission. Head coach Matt Husted said the experience was beneficial for the team.
“It was a good day. We got to hear from a few of the people that were staying there at the mission, and just a little bit of their story, and where they’ve been and how God’s transformed their lives,” recalled Husted. “It was a really neat thing for our guys to be able to help with.”
Even if the Thunder’s selflessness was not immediately rewarded, the team represented the college well as players lived out their faith by giving up personal time to help those in need.

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