106 students denied off-campus housing permission for 2016-17

“We know this is not the email you had hoped to receive right before Good Friday,” an email from Housing Services and Residence Life read, sent out last Thursday, March 24. This email informed 106 of the 227 Wheaton students — nearly half — who applied that their request for off-campus housing had been denied.

OCO plans the next Community Work Day

Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the nearby community on April 9 by volunteering at various locations during Community Work Day, a bi-annual event hosted by the Office of Christian Outreach.

C-store sells mace, after Record article

Since October of last year, the Wheaton Bookstore and C-Store have offered students the opportunity to purchase mace spray, a defensive tear gas that causes severe irritation of an attacker’s eyes.

Joseph Spradley

Wheaton College professor of physics emeritus Joseph Spradley, the longest-teaching professor in Wheaton College history who surprised many with his impressive physical activities as he entered his eighties, died on Tuesday, March 30. He was 83. His sister, Mary Morken, released news of his passing on her Facebook page.

Where is the forum wall?

An unknown individual removed the Forum Wall from its position at the southeast entrance of Beamer Center on Tuesday morning.

The Space

From the outside, The Space seems like an ordinary suburban home: white porch, gray siding and a burgundy front door. But that front door is protected by a complex “August lock,” which opens only to an app uploaded on members’ smartphones.