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C-store sells mace, after Record article

Since October of last year, the Wheaton Bookstore and C-Store have offered students the opportunity to purchase mace spray, a defensive tear gas that causes severe irritation of an attacker’s eyes.
After managing editor Maryam Bighash wrote an article titled “Oregon shooting prompts on-campus swat team training comes to Wheaton,” a decision was made by the staff to begin offering it for purchase. However, only three mace dispensers were sold within the past six months, and senior C-Store employee Angela Tsarouhis said, “It’s not a popular item.”
The Record contacted store manager Jennifer Hampton, who noted the specific line in The Record article that caught her attention. In the article, Bigash brought attention towards the vulnerability that Wheaton College students face due to the technical issues that arise during lockdown procedures.
Public Safety Bob Norris reminded students that pepper spray is legal to carry on campus and that he “encourages students and staff to be aware of and ready for any possibility.” The line caused bookstore staff to explore options of selling it.

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