Wands and words

Wheaton’s debate team has accomplished a lot — last year the team finished in the top 16 out of 163 teams and some members even traveled to Jamaica for a national tournament. This Saturday, we have a chance to see them in a different — even magical — light. They’re trading in their suits and pencil skirts for Hogwarts’ robes and wands to address controversies like “Should the international confederation of wizards repeal the statute of secrecy?”

Ex-student Alex Lim sentenced to jail for shower video charges

Alex Lim, the former Wheaton College student who is barred by law from campus, was sentenced on Aug. 4 to 180 days in the DuPage county jail and 30 months of probation for secretly recording and posting video footage of female Wheaton College students in their showers.

In world news: Burkini bans and religious freedom

Following the attack in Nice, France on July 14 and the subsequent regulation of religious liberties, the Council of State, the highest court in France, lifted the ban on burkinis in the French town Villeneuve-Loubet on Friday after it concluded that the ban violated religious freedom and freedom of movement.

New portal to replace myWheaton

Wheaton College launched the Wheaton portal to help spread information more efficiently between students, faculty and staff.

New faces in familiar spaces

As the new school year begins, Wheaton College is welcoming its first female provost, a prolific evangelical voice and other new faculty members.

Wheaton professor honored by FEMA

Jamie Aten, Wheaton College associate professor of psychology and founder and co-director of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute, has been recognized by the Federal Emergency Management Agency as the 2016 Community Preparedness Champion.

Show me the thunderbucks

Finally, students have not run out of Thunderbucks from buying too much ice cream during the first few weeks of school — because they didn’t have any in the first place.