Next year…?

Thomas Edison once said genius is one percent inspiration, 99 percent perspiration. Well, growing up a Cleveland sports fan is one percent triumph and 99 percent nervous sweat and tears. Anyone familiar with the sports world knows about the 52-year championship drought in “The Land” which ended June 19, 2016 when LeBron James and the […]

Curse Broken

Dexter Fowler’s first at bat on Oct. 25 was less eventful than Wednesday night’s. No home run, not even a hit. As the first person in a generation to play a World Series game in a Cubs uniform, Fowler’s at bat would become an unremarkable bit of trivia — well, unremarkable save for the fact […]

New CCIW champs in town

After years of dominance by North Central, Wheaton women’s cross country finally broke through. In Normal, Ill., the team competed in this year’s CCIW Women’s Cross Country Championship against the rest of the conference and experienced something they haven’t been able to do since 2008. “I really wanted our team to win this championship because […]

Preemptive Loving

September 11, 2001: the date alone generates strong reactions — whether of fear, patriotism, hatred or grief — in the minds of nearly all Americans. Fifteen years after the event itself, amid a war on terror and the current fight against ISIS, it’s clear that 9/11 was a pivotal moment for the United States of […]

Dr. Milliner: Bridging academia and pop culture

My interview with Matthew Milliner, Wheaton College’s resident art historian, fell on the first sick day in his five-year career as professor of art history, so he and I conversed through a digital window into his private home — ironic, given that we were talking about his recent recognition as an Emerging Public Intellectual. This […]

In World News: International perspectives on the U.S. presidential election

For some students, the outcome of this election will hold a double meaning — affecting U.S. relations with their home country as well as domestic policy in the U.S., their host country. Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have discussed their positions on policies ranging from healthcare, to immigration and the economy. As the campaign […]

The flags of our students

Anderson Common’s atmosphere has a new flavor — an international flair influenced by 97 countries’ flags prominently lining the cafeteria’s walls, featuring colors from France and Qatar to Singapore and Taiwan. These flags represent the countries of current and past international undergraduates as well as current graduate students. The display went up Tuesday, Oct. 11 […]

Composite sketches of Baby Hope's parents bring new hope to the case

After the discovery of a deceased baby girl in a backpack on August 15th, the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office has been searching for her parents, utilizing DNA forensic analysis as a tool to assemble composite sketches of her parents. A landscaper found a backpack on Plamnondon Road in Wheaton, 2.2 miles away fromsouthwest of the […]