Wheaton women win here, there, everywhere

This week brought substantial levels of uncertainty and doubt across the nation. Some question whether the Williams sisters will both make it to the finals of the Australian Open, some have doubts about the upcoming release of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson living up to the original, and still some question whether La La Land will be able to waltz away from the Oscars with 14 golden statues (all of which seem highly likely). However, the doubt that seems to be underlying all of these, or at least it should be, is how the girls basketball team will react in the coming week as they hit the road and step out of King Arena for a three-game away stretch.
In a time when half our nation is wrought with fear and doubt, this campus has been able to rest assured in their Thunder to rack up the wins at home. They aren’t the team we deserve, but their the team we need right now. Wheaton boasts a 7-0 home record this season and some of the biggest highlights of the year have occurred in front of a Thunder home crowd. Moments like senior Chantal Meacham becoming the second player in program history to hit 200 three-pointers (she also broke the overall record at North Park a week later), and senior Katie McDaniels’ incredible 35-point game which was brimming with unbelievable shots and finishes. These are what the fans live for during such trying and grey times, and fantastic results have become the expectation!
The Thunder sport a proven track record under Coach Kent Madsen. Time and time again, they protect the home court and get the job done in King Arena. The girls are now 64-8 at home under Coach Madsen’s six years of leadership and show no sign of outsourcing the majority of their wins anywhere else.
This week, the girls hit the road for the first of three consecutive away games and they will do everything in their power to keep the momentum pumping. What drives this success and how do they plan to keep rolling? Some wonder whether Tor travels with the team and hosts a dance party in the locker room before each game; yet others suggest they have an omelet bar in the back of the bus to provide the ideal pregame snack. It must be more than the home court advantage of King Arena because the team has had great success away from home as well this season.
We play in a tough conference where every game is a battle,” senior guard Katie McDaniels explained. “My hope is that we will play with energy each game knowing how important each one is. Our goal is to go 1-0 each time we play.”
The secret sauce of Wheaton women’s basketball is absolutely that – no dancing or omelets necessary. The girls play with heart and passion, striving to earn every point and win each game despite the previous outcomes.
Last night, the Thunder travelled to Illinois Institute of Technology to face off against the 0-14 Scarlet Hawks. The girls cast aside all doubts with dominant 84-35 victory and freshman guard Jordan Myroth led the team with 12 points shooting a whopping 86% from the field.
This upcoming Saturday, Wheaton will trek down to the Riverwalk in Naperville to continue CCIW play at North Central College at 5p.m.

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