Golden gloves and hearts

It seems more Wheaties than ever traveled far and wide this spring break to experience the breadth of beauty around the world. Some chose to lay out on the beach or poolside, relaxing and resting to return rejuvenated for the final quad, while others went across the globe to serve the world and promote Christ and his Kingdom. This past spring break, the men’s baseball team did a little bit of both while also serving up some high heat and offensive fanfare in a seven-game trip to Florida — and they have the tan lines to prove it.
The guys travelled just north of Fort Myers to Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte along the gulf coast for a beautiful week of baseball away from the gray Midwest. Somehow they were able to find time amid the 63 innings of baseball to serve the local communities and show off their golden hearts to match their golden gloves. Half the team spent time working with Edgewater Church as they partnered with various ministries and painted the church’s facilities. The other half of the team worked with Crossroads, a home for foster children who have spent the last years bouncing around from home to home. The team spent their day off playing even more baseball with the kids at Crossroads and investing in their lives.
The team was also given personal time to rest and relax in Florida, hoping to find some motivation after losing their first two games on a seven-game trip. Some hit the beach for some relaxation, while others were able to spend time with family that had made the trip. After a little vitamin D and revitalization, the Thunder seemed to find their mojo.
Wheaton won five games in a row after the day off with a total point differential of 26 runs. This week sophomore pitcher Chris Bolhuis and sophomore outfielder Nick Mailman were named CCIW Pitcher of the Week and CCIW Hitter of the Week, respectively. Beyond some spectacular individual performances, the team, filled with promise and potential, is clicking on all cylinders, ready to lead off a large home stretch this Friday at 5 p.m. at Pfund Stadium.

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