Meet your officers

Caleb Guerrero: Student Body President Caleb is an economics and philosophy major from Chicago, Ill. He currently serves on Student Government as the Executive Vice President (EVP) of College Life and enjoys being a part of Student Government due to its capacity to make positive changes for the student body. As Student Body President, he […]

Solidarity Cabinet presents “Beyond Complacency” workshop on police brutality

“Most of conversations centering around race, ethnicity and culture at Wheaton only happen within the context of Wheaton’s history and don’t take into account larger narratives,” said Hannah Garringer, a member of Solidarity Cabinet. For this reason, the Solidarity Cabinet organized a “Beyond Complacency” police brutality workshop last Wednesday to talk about police brutality nationwide […]

Wheaton recognized as a tree campus in time for spring

The Arbor Day Foundation recognized Wheaton College as a “Tree Campus” on March 10. Landscape Operations Manager Theresa Kyriazes and Wheaton’s Campus Tree Committee began efforts to qualify Wheaton’s campus about a year ago. Wheaton is one of about 300 campuses in the U.S. with tree campus recognition. In order to be certified as a […]

Hydroponic herbs move to Saga

Parsley, sage, oregano, basil, chives: Students eat these herbs on an almost daily basis in a variety of Saga dishes, and since this past fall, many of those herbs have been supplied to Bon Appetit by Wheaton’s own A Rocha club. Over the past week, students may have noticed the addition of two tower-like planters […]

Close to Home

When I found out my friend Daniella was the daughter of undocumented immigrants, my first question was, “Are you sure you want to be spreading that around?” That was three years ago, before President Trump’s election was a glimmer in the American public eye. In light of recent legislation, and the general hostility toward Mexican […]

Scientists search for solution to Chicago’s shifting sand

Illinois geologists began a major project this week: They’re studying the patterns of sand deposits on Chicago’s beaches. Sand has disappeared from some shores, while building up in others, costing Chicago millions of dollars every year to redistribute the sand where people want to enjoy the beach recreationally, according to the Chicago Tribune. When high […]