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Meet your officers

Caleb Guerrero: Student Body President

Photo Credit Cathy Shi

Caleb is an economics and philosophy major from Chicago, Ill. He currently serves on Student Government as the Executive Vice President (EVP) of College Life and enjoys being a part of Student Government due to its capacity to make positive changes for the student body. As Student Body President, he will be responsible for representing and advocating for Wheaton’s students and continuing the work of past Student Government Boards. He is looking forward to working with other student groups and leaders so that “Wheaton can continue to grow as a Christ-centered community.” He hopes to improve Wheaton by encouraging different roles and organizations to collaborate. “Growth happens when we as a community unite together and utilize our differences as strengths in order to more accurately reflect the fullness of the Kingdom of God.”
Brielle Lisa: Student Body Vice President
Photo Credit Cathy Shi

Brielle is an English writing and communications rhetoric major, currently living in Long Valley, N.J., though originally adopted from China. This will be her second position in Student Government, having served as freshman class vice president from 2014-2015. Her role as Vice President will include partnering with the Student Body President to represent the student body to the larger campus community, execute the vision of the Student Government Board and support each board member. Wheaton has been her dream school since seventh grade, and she is thankful for the friendships she has made here: “They challenge me, love me well and point me to Jesus.” She is excited to work with Guerrero to connect student groups and enable them to learn from and collaborate with each other. She hopes to accurately represent the student body by conversing with and learning from students to build off the “great value the administration, faculty, Board of Trustees and alumni place on students’ voices.”
Simona Andreas: EVP of Global Engagement
Photo Credit Cathy Shi

Simona is a psychology and Bible and theology major from Tallinn, Estonia. This will be her second year serving in the role of EVP of Global Engagement, in which she advocates for minorities, empowers the international community and represents international students to the Student Activities Office and the Student Government Board. She hopes to start a residential International House on campus and create a committee of students who can improve study abroad experiences for Wheaton students. She plans to spend time listening to students in order to understand everyone’s perspective. “Once we truly prepare our hearts to share each other’s experiences, we are better equipped to stand along each other.”
Stephen Watts: EVP of Community Diversity
Photo Credit Cathy Shi

Stephen is from the Bronx, N.Y. and is studying political science, sociology and economics through the Interdisciplinary Studies program. He says that coming from New York, he loves how friendly everyone at Wheaton is. “It never crossed my mind that holding doors for the people behind you is something that people should do or ever be expected to do.” He has been in leadership roles in the Office of Multicultural Development (OMD) for the past two years and ran for Student Government to be able to take the conversations he has had about diversity in this position and address them at the institutional level. As EVP of Community Diversity, he will be responsible for unifying a politically, ideologically and ethnically diverse campus. “Every single year I’ve been at Wheaton College, there has been some sort of race-related controversy on campus … I want to be proactive in a way that prevents these controversies from happening.”
Lauren Rowley: EVP of Student Care
Photo Credit Cathy Shi

Lauren is a communication media studies major from Des Moines, Iowa. She ran for Student Government in order to have the opportunity to learn about and address students’ needs: “I believe that one of the best ways we can care for one another is by advocating for one another!” She currently serves on the Community Life Council (CLC) in Fischer and believes that if students take time to live well, they can be fully engaged in their college experience so that Wheaton can be at its best. She is looking forward to getting to know more students and better understanding their needs through open and honest communication and creating a space for students and administrators to discuss difficult issues and find solutions for them.
Angèle Bubna: EVP of College Life
Photo Credit Cathy Shi

Angèle is an English literature major currently living in Ohio but originally from Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire and other West African countries. She has served on Student Government in the past and is looking forward to the potential for change she will have as an EVP. The position of EVP of College Life encompasses many roles, which she has chosen to summarize in the word “hospitality.” She is excited to foster hospitality in the Wheaton community and to familiarize herself with all of Wheaton’s student organizations and help them to get the resources they need.
Camila Moreno: EVP of Vocation and Alumni Engagement
Photo Credit Cathy Shi

Camila is an economics and international relations major from Bogotá, Columbia. She loves the opportunity Student Government gives to advocate for other students, and is excited to work to improve students’ Wheaton experiences. As EVP of Vocation and Alumni Engagement, she will work to connect students to alumni who work in their fields of interest. She wants to start a program to connect students who study abroad or live abroad after graduation to alumni in those countries. She also hopes to make the Center for Vocation and Career and the Alumni Office more approachable and accessible for students of all majors.
Jessa Potvin: EVP of Educational Policy
Photo Credit Cathy Shi

Jessa is a philosophy and economics major from Aiken, S.C. As a member of the class of 2020, she wants to bring the voice of her class to Student Government, particularly with regard to the new “Christ at the Core” general education curriculum. In her role as EVP of Educational Policy, she will represent the student body on two faculty councils and award student grants. She wants to expand student opportunities to “earn money by engaging in scholarship.” She also hopes to survey students to learn about problems they experience such as needing an extension for sports, specifically by collecting data about scheduling conflicts to encourage professors to set due dates that better accommodates students’ schedules. “I don’t know if that particular issue would get any traction, but I think data is powerful and that we should use it!”
Ben Love: EVP of Technology and Finance
Photo Credit Cathy Shi

Ben is an economics and sociology major from Portland, Ore. He ran for EVP of Tech and Finance so he could do three things he loves — create and develop products that will tangibly impact the student body and be a bridge between teams that are collaborating on these projects. He is looking forward to updating the Wheaton app and finding a way to consolidate email announcements. Having been on the Student Technology Advisory Committee, he hopes to bring his leadership experience and his familiarity with the committee’s vision and capabilities to his new role on Student Government. “I know the products inside and out and am ready to continue that work.”

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