Harmony (n.)

1. The combination of musical notes as to produce a pleasing effect 2. Agreement of feeling or sentiment Whether it’s through singing in chapel or in the shower, or listening to a song on your phone, music plays an important role in many of our lives. Living in a fast-paced digital society, sometimes it’s easy […]

Kitchen tour takes students behind the scenes at Saga

The kitchen staff at Anderson Commons serves roughly 30,000 meals to Wheaton staff and students each week. Last Thursday, executive chef John Krickl took students on a full tour of the operation behind those 30,000 meals. The tour took about a dozen participating students, who registered for the tour based on interest, through the kitchens, […]

Wheaton talks period

For her anthropology research, senior Alexa Dava decided to talk about something that the Wheaton community doesn’t address very often: menstruation. She was inspired to address the issue because of the stigma that often surrounds periods. She explained that, “Studying anthropology has given me an awareness of the harmful ways that gender stereotypes affect us. […]

In World News (IWN): Prisoner released after Chicago police investigation

After serving 22 years in prison for a double murder he did not commit, Roberto Almodovar was released on Friday, April 14 after a final formal hearing. Two days earlier, Cook County State Attorney Kim Foxx’s office released a statement withdrawing opposition to a retrial of Almodovar and William Negron, who was also falsely convicted […]

Jameson Essay Contest winners announced

The English department announced the winners of the James G. Jameson Critical Essay Contest during a ceremony on Monday, April 17. The first place winners were Krista Johnson in the Humanities and Theological Studies division, Darren Yau in the Natural and Social Sciences division and Rachel Coker in the Arts, Media and Communications division. Alison […]