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  1. Curse Broken by Philip Kline

“This is going to be a tough play! Bryant! THE CUBS WIN THE WORLD SERIES!” cheered announcer Joe Buck. Nov. 2, 2016 marked the day of rain following a 108-year drought for Chicago’s beloved MLB team, who finally reclaimed the title of World Series Champions. For Wheaton students, it was a night of little sleep, much celebration and the witnessing of the breaking of a century-long curse for Chicago baseball. Ecstatic Wheaton student and then Editor-in-Chief of the Wheaton Record Philip Kline takes a deeper look into the “unconditional” fandom of the Chicago Cubs and the humanity the team represents.

Photo credit Kayley Goertzen.

  1. Dispatch from Washington, D.C. by Kirkland An

In January, three Wheaton Record reporters could be found amidst the thousands crowding our nation’s capital during inauguration week. Kelsey Plankeel, Sarah Holcomb and Kirkland An spent just over 48 hours in Washington, D.C. covering the inauguration, the Women’s March and conducting interviews with protestors and notable Wheaton alumni working on and around Capitol Hill.
In his article, “Dispatch from Washington DC,” An reflects on the bland atmosphere of President Trump’s swearing-in and the stark contrast of that of the Women’s March, including comments from Kelsie Wendelberger, Senate policy assistant and Wheaton alumna, and Lisa Baumert, an alumna who participated in the Women’s March.

Photo Credit Sarah Holcomb


  1. Faith at the Final Four by Anders Rotto

This spring, Sports Editor Anders Rotto and Sports Design Editor Liv Ade traveled to Phoenix to cover the Final Four. In this article, Rotto highlights North Carolina star forward Justin Jackson, an outspoken Christian and examines the role of faith in both Jackson’s basketball career and the careers of collegiate players Payton Pritchard and Nigel Williams-Goss. He asks, “What motivates basketball players? The Final Four represents the best four college teams in the nation, but if these players are not being paid — besides scholarships which are pocket change when compared to NBA salaries — then why do they play?” Interviews with Jackson reveal a unique outlook on the game that extends beyond earthly goals.

Photo Credit Liv Ade

  1. Wci Wiconi: Water is Life and Campus Powwow celebrates Native American culture by Kelsey Plankeel and Maddy Preston

Students and faculty alike organized an informational meeting this past February to discuss concerns regarding the progression of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Al Eastman of the American Indian Center and Wheaton professors from various fields addressed a crowd of students, faculty and community members on indigenous sentiments, legal concerns and environmental implications surrounding the DAPL. Senior Zachary Erwin closed the event with a showing of documentary footage he acquired on recent trips to Native American reservations across the country. On March 31, Wheaton hosted its first powwow. Led by performers including a Potawatomi elder and Red Drum Line, students were invited to join in music and dance as a celebration of Native American culture and to symbolize the unity of differing people groups.

Photo Credit Kayley Goertzen

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