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Public Safety reports stalking incident

September 21, 2017
The Wheaton Police department is currently investigating allegations of stalking against Levi Oury, a former Wheaton student who was asked to leave the school in the fall of 2015 and is no longer allowed on campus. Public Safety notified the campus community of this investigation on Monday, Sept. 18 in an email which instructed students to “remain aware of their surroundings and take prudent precautions.” Oury allegedly sent threatening text messages to a current Wheaton College student; the texts were reported on Sept. 15.
Oury was part of ROTC and the wrestling team while enrolled at Wheaton. His RA, Kevin Seaman, said that Oury was an active member of his floor and “came off as a very nice, sincere, and caring individual, albeit a bit reserved.” Seaman felt that appropriate action was taken when Oury was asked to leave in 2015, but was “shocked” to hear the most recent reports against him.
Public Safety is required to report campus crime under the Clery Act, a federal statute passed in 1990 which sets forth guidelines for “actively fostering campus safety,” according to the Clery Center. The Act requires colleges to alert the campus community of crimes which present an active or ongoing threat to students. Public Safety also releases an annual security report each fall with statistics on campus crime numbers from the preceding three years, as well as the action taken to combat these crimes. Reports are published yearly by Oct. 1; Wheaton’s report for 2017 has not been released yet.
Information about these reports is available by request from Public Safety as well as on the Public Safety website, along with further guidelines for student safety measures.

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