It happens here too: an overview of sexual violence at Wheaton

This year, Wheaton offered two different options to complete the sexual violence prevention training. Students could attend an interactive seminar with John Foubert, an expert on rape-prevention on college campuses, or complete the online EverFi Haven training. Title IX Coordinator Allison Ash explained that Wheaton is continually looking for new ways to raise awareness and […]

Birth control exemptions extended to religious institutions

The Trump undercut the Obamacare birth control mandate with a set of new interim final rules issued by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) on Friday, Oct. 6 regarding contraceptive coverage for female employees. These efforts align with the Trump’s broader desire to fulfill campaign promises regarding religious liberty, repeal parts […]

Student Investment Fund votes to keep Pfizer stock

“Should we invest in gun companies? Should we invest in the military? Defense contractors? Do we invest in things like marijuana? … The whole idea is socially responsible investing,” said senior Karl Wenzel, president of Wheaton’s Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF). “It gets very difficult when you’re trying to compare the magnitude of sins and […]

Free application for federal student aid start date moved up

This year the Department of Education moved the start date to apply for federal student aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) from Jan. to Oct. 1. The new deadline is part of an effort to streamline financial aid processes and more accurately predict the amount of financial aid students may receive. […]

Welcome, center.

Wheaton College’s new Welcome Center is set to officially open on Monday, Nov. 13. The 11,600 square foot building sits on the corner of College Ave. and Chase St. at the front of campus. It is set to be the new home of the Admissions department as well as a grand foyer called the Great […]