Swider emphasizes seniority and unity

After a disappointing and all-too-short end to the Wheaton Football season last year, returning players and some new team members are coming into the 2018-19 season with motivation, focus and timely goals. Head Coach Mike Swider said the team’s goal this year is to win the CCIW Championship. “You can’t do anything without winning that,” […]

A place apart

As the last day of Student Leadership week draws to a close and night falls on HoneyRock lake, nearly 300 Wheaton students cram into canoes. As they arrive in the middle of the lake, canoes awkwardly scrape against each other while gathering around a pontoon boat where the new chapel band team stands, ready to […]

"I forgive those who testified against me"

On July 18, Pastor Andrew Brunson (’88) made his third court appearance before a Turkish court in Izmir on charges of treason. Commissioner Kristina Arriaga of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom described the judicial hearing room as “cavernous.” Three judges sat on high, wood-panel dais in an athletic-facility-turned-courtroom. Far below the judges sat […]

What you missed this summer

Dr. Jeffry C. Davis, chair and professor of English and director of interdisciplinary studies, was recently appointed Dean of Humanities. In this role, he will oversee the departments of English, history, modern and classical languages and philosophy. Provost Margaret Diddams said in an email to campus, “I look forward to Dr. Davis not only leading […]

Student on Tap and Mobile Printing

No longer will you get stuck without your laptop, unable to print important papers. Students will now be able to print from mobile devices and can use Student on Tap to navigate Portal more quickly and efficiently. By Aug. 29, the changes launched by the Academic and Institutional Technology (AIT) team will facilitate mobile and […]

The last straw

By The News Staff The Bon Appétit ManagementCompany committed to eliminating all plastic straws and stirrers from their cafés and restaurants by September 2019. Raul Delgado, general manager at Bon Appétit, said the policy is a continuation of the company’s mission as “a food service for the sustainable future.” A New York Times article titled […]