New Wheaton College School of Ministry and Leadership

Wheaton College announced the creation of three new schools on Aug. 14,  2018.  An email sent to the student body introduced the schools of Psychology, Counseling and Family Therapy, Biblical and Theological Studies and the School of Mission, Ministry and Leadership.
Christina Walker, Associate Director of Academic Programs for the Billy Graham Center, explained the reason for this change in an email to the Record, “A school recognizes the disciplinary overlap between programs and allows for more cross-pollination of ideas within those programs. Essentially, it removes the silos.” The new school of Mission, Ministry and Leadership is led by Dean Ed Stetzer.
While its creation will not affect current undergraduate programs, the school is launching new graduate programs, according to Provost Margaret Diddams. Diddams explained, “The formation of this school will allow us to continue to have a strong undergraduate presence  in  Christian spiritual formation and reach more graduate students from around the country and the world who want to have the excellence of a Wheaton education.”
A major part of the graduate programs’ planned growth is an increase in flexible study options. Walker said, “In what was the former evangelism and leadership department, under the direction of Ed Stetzer,  we have grown from 35 to 104 students … as Wheaton works to support the many TESOL Flex  students who would otherwise not be able to attend Wheaton College.” Expansion of this program has been prior- itized through the hiring of both an Online Coordinator and Partnership Co- ordinator.

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