Students relieve stress at weekly yoga classes

11.8.18 If you walk into the dance studio in the Chrouser Sports Complex on Monday and Wednesday nights and Thursday afternoons, you will find lines of Wheaton students lying supine on mats on the floor, eyes closed, taking full and controlled breaths, as they begin an hour of yoga together. Such stillness is startling onContinue reading “Students relieve stress at weekly yoga classes”

Women's Soccer gears up for NCAA Division III championship tournament

11.8.18 This weekend Joe Bean Stadium will be packed as Wheaton Women’s Soccer makes their 21st appearance in the NCAA Division III Women’s Soccer Tournament. “I think we are in a good place right now and looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us,” said Head Coach Pete Felske. Last week, FelskeContinue reading “Women's Soccer gears up for NCAA Division III championship tournament”

Art of protest, art of dreams

11.8.18 “The show is really about people and communities working together to both protest the current injustices and to dream of a better future,” explained Greg Deddo, the gallery manager for the “Art of Protest/Art of Dreams: Contemporary Printmaking in Oaxaca and Chicago” exhibit is in the art gallery on the first floor of AdamsContinue reading “Art of protest, art of dreams”

Free on-campus printing for Wheaton students

11.8.18 This academic year, Wheaton College implemented the Freenters printing service, which gives students the option to print for free in Buswell Memorial Library and campus residence halls. The company hopes their service will offer a costless alternative to potentially expensive printing on campus. Freenters offers students at 23 colleges and universities across the UnitedContinue reading “Free on-campus printing for Wheaton students”

HDI collects relief materials for hurricane victims

11.8.18 The Humanitarian Disaster Institute (HDI) at Wheaton College partnered with Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) to collect relief materials for victims of Hurricane Michael in October. HDI is “a research center [that] looks at the psychology of faith and trauma and resilience,” according to communication specialist Laura Leonard. “We’re looking at how faith impacts theContinue reading “HDI collects relief materials for hurricane victims”

Know Your Neighbor event continues campus conversation on sexuality and gender

11.8.18 On Monday, Nov. 5, members of the Wheaton community gathered in Coray Alumni Gymnasium for Know Your Neighbor, a conversation about how to “[walk] with our same-sex attracted and/or gender questioning neighbors.” Many students, like sophomore Lydia Thomas, consider conversations like these important because “it’s definitely something that people are curious about and aren’tContinue reading “Know Your Neighbor event continues campus conversation on sexuality and gender”

Democrats gain control in the House, Republicans maintain control in the Senate

11.8.18 On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Americans voted in new representatives to Congress, the Senate, state governorships and local offices in the 2018 midterm election. The Republican party retained control of the Senate, but lost control of the House of Representatives. As of Wednesday afternoon, the Democratic party had 220 House seats and 45 Senate, andContinue reading “Democrats gain control in the House, Republicans maintain control in the Senate”

"Thunderground Sports" podcast unifies athletes and non-athletes on Spotify

“‘Thunderground Sports,’ the only podcast that covers Wheaton College sports and Wheaton College life, all while being 100 percent not affiliated with Wheaton College.” These are the first words that senior swimmer Stephen Larson and junior swimmer Tice Wilkerson spoke as they launched the “Thunderground Sports” podcast on Sept. 3. Using Spotify to air theirContinue reading “"Thunderground Sports" podcast unifies athletes and non-athletes on Spotify”

Skating into a new season

Although we’re all dreading the brisk Midwest winter lurking around the corner, the drop in temperature does bring one relief: hockey season. The NHL and Wheaton’s own club hockey team are now starting their respective seasons. The NHL has had numerous games already, carrying forward established rivalries from June and bringing new competitive dynamics to theContinue reading “Skating into a new season”

Meeting new realities: Global Urban Perspectives

“I saw Jesus in unexpected ways … in the ways He’s sanctifying race, ethnicity and calling all people to Himself,” senior Michael Contreras said, reflecting on his time spent in Xela, Guatemala in the summer of 2017. “The sovereignty of God and how God does not desire his people to suffer was really made real,”Continue reading “Meeting new realities: Global Urban Perspectives”