Athletes get a break from class but not from competition

11.24.19 By Maggie Franke From Dec. 21 until Jan. 14, most Wheaton College students enjoyed their heavily anticipated winter break. However, the campus was not completely quiet during this time, especially for a number of Wheaton’s athletes. From basketball to wrestling to swimming, the extent of Christmas “break” looked a bit different for these student-athletes.Continue reading “Athletes get a break from class but not from competition”

Previewing this semester's chapel speakers

11.24.19 By Tori Dobleske This week marks the Spring Special Chapel series, with guest speaker and Wheaton alumnus Dr. Ray Ortlund, Lead Pastor of the Immanuel Nashville church. Dr. Ortlund’s began his chapel series on Wednesday, Jan. 23 and will hold the final chapel talk tomorrow, Friday Jan. 25 which will focus on Romans 8:31-39.Continue reading “Previewing this semester's chapel speakers”

What you missed: Four holiday stories you might not have read

11.24.19 By Bethany Peterson Pastor James MacDonald is stepping down from leadership at the Chicago-area megachurch, Harvest Bible Chapel which he founded over 30 years ago. According to Christianity Today’s report, Harvest has been accused of financial mismanagement and deception at the highest levels of church leadership. MacDonald, along with Harvest, sued “Elephant Debt,” aContinue reading “What you missed: Four holiday stories you might not have read”

Manoharan Kamaleson 1963-2019

11.24.19 By Bethany Peterson Manoharan Paul Kamaleson, Wheaton College Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics, was killed in a suicide bombing in Kabul, Afghanistan on Monday, Jan. 14 at age 55. Kamaleson was serving as the CEO of First Microfinance Bank of Afghanistan. He had recently returned to Afghanistan from a holiday break in ChicagoContinue reading “Manoharan Kamaleson 1963-2019”

Rodney Sisco, 1964-2018

1.14.19 By Melissa Schill Rodney Kelvin Sisco, Wheaton College’s Director of the Office of Multicultural Development, passed away on Dec. 30, 2018 after a five-month battle with cancer. Sisco graduated from Wheaton College in 1984 with two Bachelor’s degrees in sociology and christian education, then received his Master’s degree in educational studies in 1994. AfterContinue reading “Rodney Sisco, 1964-2018”

Should professional and collegiate athletes get a Christmas break?

12.13.18 By Taylor Rudin | Guest Writer While for many this is the standard holiday scene at home, numerous collegiate and professional athletes are forced to diminish this time of celebrating reunion with friends and family is greatly due to unrelenting athletic commitments. Depending on the level of competition, this time of fellowship may beContinue reading “Should professional and collegiate athletes get a Christmas break?”

Why basketball is a summer sport

12.13.18 By Eden Schultz | Staff Writer Traditionally, all Winter Olympics sports are played exclusively on ice or in the snow. Hockey, figure skating and curling appear 24/7 on NBC during the Winter Olympics. The creation of basketball, in 1891 by YMCA instructor James W. Naismith, was for the purpose of playing a sport indoorsContinue reading “Why basketball is a summer sport”

Santa Claus comes to the Billy Graham Center

12.13.18 By Micah McIntyre In the gray, dimly lit Billy Graham Center (BGC) Archives office, dozens of bright red Santas, paper wall decorations and Christmas booklets filled the long table at the center of the room. In a few hours, they would all have new homes throughout campus, but at one point, they were allContinue reading “Santa Claus comes to the Billy Graham Center”